WOFI Luminaires

New Light presents you halogen high voltage track system TAGO 230, produced by the German producer WOFI. 



For a good illumination of your residential accommodation we recommend an electrical power of 15watts per square metre.


How many light sources

We suggest a distance of approx. 60 cm between the individual light sources. The system can be enlarged up to a load of 2300watts.


The possible length

You can extend the TAGO 230 System up to a length of 50 metres. With lengths greater than this, circuit breakers must be fitted.


Adjusting the length

So that safety (insulation) is not compromised, the conductor rails should not be shortened. For optimal integration of your TAGO 230 System into your residential accommodation, we offer you ready-made conductor rails in 25. 30, 55 and 100 cm lengths, thereby enabling you to plan exactly to 5 cm. Please take advantage of the information alongside to easily establish which rail lengths you require to achieve your desired measurements.